• From Slides To Bouncers
    We have what it takes to make your event MEMORABLE.
  • Real Laser tag
    1200 square feet of heart pounding music with LED lights flashing.  Laser tag at its realest.  Full vests and Lasers.
  • Birthday Laser tag
    Laser tag at your house.  We bring the fun, you bring the kids.
    Water Slides to Water Tag, we can keep you events cool!
  • Toddlers to Teenagers
    Let us 'Inflate' the Fun at your next Event! Whether it be a Church Youth Group, Corporate Event, Client Fun Day, Festival / Fair, Store Opening, Sporting Event, Birthday or any Other Special Event, we have the perfect solutions to turn it into a Phenomenal Event!
  • We Bring The Fun
    Something for EVERYONE!!!

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Corporate Events

Client Fun Days

Festivals & Fairs

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Other Special Events

Mobile Laser Tag
team-alien-lgIntroducing our 40′ Alien Invasion Mobile Laser Tag Arena. Your heart starts pounding, the adrenaline is flowing through your body like mad, your hands are shaking with excitement. Suddenly, the door opens and the music starts to pound as you rush into the unknown. You sneak behind the barricade and stop! Suddenly, bright red laser beams spear through the haze of fog, narrowly missing your vest. You look around, suddenly you see someone lurking through the dark maze. You pop out and go to take a shot, your vest begins to talk, “You’ve Been Hit!”.

Water Tag
Water VEsts

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If you’d like to add a lot more fun to just about anything you’re thinking of doing, give us a call. If it means we have to search the earth to make the difference in your business then that’s exactly what we’ll do. We’ll tailor make an event for you that will knock the socks off your friends, your clients, your team or even your competitors. Whether you have general questions, want to learn a little bit more or are ready to book an event, just give us a call or shoot as an email!